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5280 A Cappella Releases New Album On 7522 Beach Mountain Radio


5280 A Cappella was formed in 2005. This energetic and ambitious group pooled together its collective experience and talent to perform, write and collaborate as a group. 5280 A Cappella is one of the most varied and unique a cappella groups in this country who is unafraid to take a song, “make it their own,” and to honor its original composer graciously! This mixed octet prides itself on singing from the heart and reaching out to audiences in every performance no matter how large or small the venue.

Named one of the “Top Vocal Groups” in Denver, 5280 A Cappella brings a burst of infectious energy to the stage. They take their audiences on an entertaining journey over the landscape of American music with jaunts through: rock & roll, jazz, country, folk, soul, doo-wop, sixties, eighties, nineties, and pop hits from today. Their unique repertoire entertains audiences of all ages!

5280 A Cappella members have performed both locally and nationally. Locally, they have performed “sold out” concerts at Dazzle Jazz Club, performed the National Anthem at major sports events, sung at numerous fundraisers, private holiday functions as well as for many charities. 5280 A Cappella has performed at most of the Colorado Art and Music festivals. 5280 A Cappella sings at weddings and birthday events, performs private concerts and private holiday concerts upon request. They collaborate with other performing groups’ events and have continued to perform at venues large and small for over 10 years! Champions of the 2012 Rocky Mountain Sing Off, 5280 A Cappella has been delighting Colorado audiences for over a decade!

Listen To The 5280 A Cappella Music Album “elevated” On 7522 Beach Mountain Radio.

The Clearwings Join 7522 Beach Mountain Radio. Listen To Their Independent Alt-Folk Music.


The Clearwings is an independent alt-folk duo with a focus on the intimacy of live performance. They combine tight harmonies with driving guitar, bringing a modern edge to a classic folk sensibility. The result is a dynamic sound, with influences ranging from 60s greats like Peter, Paul, & Mary, Johnny Cash & June Carter, and Ian & Sylvia, to modern rock interpreters like The White Stripes and The Strokes.

The Clearwings is fronted equally by Raven Adams (vocals & percussion) and Mark Phillips (vocals & guitar). While Raven is native to Santa Cruz, California and Mark from Golden, Colorado, the pair began collaborating on music in college in Maine and moved to Colorado in 2009. They began performing as the Clearwings in December of 2013. Since then, they have been gigging extensively around Denver, recording, and traveling to New Mexico and California for shows. Their sets include standards and covers in addition to ever-increasing original material.

The Clearwings launched their first tour in September 2015, kicking things off in California, and will be on the road through the end of the year.

The Clearwings Are Excited To Be On 7522 Beach Mountain Radio.

Listen To The Clearwings Music On 7522 Radio.

I’m The Apple Album By Grace Morrison Released on 7522 Beach Mountain Radio



About Grace:
Mixing seemingly effortless musicality and original storytelling, Grace Morrison turns deeply personal and historical stories into song for listeners from all walks of life. ”With a crystal clear voice and songs that land squarely in your heart, Grace has something truly special,” says producer/performer Jon Evans of Brick Hill Studios. And Jon should know, he has spent his career playing with the very best singer-songwriters of our generation: Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan, Ben Folds, and Paula Cole.

2017 marks a turning point for Grace as she released her first full length CD: ”I’m The Apple”. The deeply personal album is full of catchy choruses, history, emotion, and storytelling; all key elements of her unique style.

Grace is a regular on national festival circuit and has won a number of prestigious awards including the Eventide Arts Songwriting Competition and the Big Break contest where her music video was played on the season finale of American Idol.

Grace on Grace:
I like to tell stories stories that, ordinarily, people wouldn’t think about. My latest CD includes songs inspired by World War II, Anne Boleyn, addiction, and new love. But they all relate. We all feel the same things. Love, hate, anger, shame…as a songwriter my job, my passion is to speak for the unspoken, the forgotten. And hopefully do it in a way that has you singing along with me.

Others On Grace:
”I am in awe that such a young woman would do a tribute to those of us who served, and particularly to those who fell. Thank you!” Congressionally chartered Vietnam Veterans of America regarding the song and video ”Taking Johnny Home”

”Her voice is honest and crystal clear and the songs are clever and inspired. As a side note, it is a testament to her talent that Morrison sounds as good live as she does on her record.” Mark Gorman, Newport This Week

”Grace’s captivating stage presence and flawless vocals take only a back seat to her perpetual charm. The combination of laser focus and positive spirit makes her quite an exceptional musician and person.” AMVCreative CEO, Armen Varadian

”Grace’s voice is a reflection of herself–pure and true. She is an incredible talent.”
Bongo Beach Productions, Grammy nominated recording engineer, John Mailloux

Her early professional career included stints performing with some of the most well known musicians in America including Eddie Money, J. Geils, Pete Francis of Dispatch, Chris Slade of AC/DC and The Firm, Greg Douglass of The Steve Miller Band, Joey Molland of Badfinger, Carmine Appice of Vanilla Fudge, and Jimmy Baine of Dio. She’s also shared the stage with The Stray Birds, Melissa Ferrick, John Gorka, The Vespers, and Zoe Lewis.

2017: I’m the Apple released
2017 Finalist: New Jersey Folk Festival’s Singer/Songwriter competition
2017 Finalist: Eventide Arts Songwriting Competition
2016 Grand Prize winner: Eventide Arts Songwriting Competition
2016 Finalist: Wildflower Festival’s national Singer Songwriter Contest, Dallas Texas
2016 Honorable Mention: Telluride Colorado Folk Festival Songwriter Competition
2015 Redemption: Winter released
2015 Winner: New England Music Award Grassroots Award
2015 Grace Morrison Live at the Zeiterion Theatre released
2015 Finalist: New Jersey Folk Festival’s Singer/Songwriter competition
2014 Winner: WPRI- TV12’s Big Break Competition
2014 One of the Angels featuring Pete Francis of Dispatch (single) released
2013 Winner: Limelight Music Awards Band of the Year
2012 Grace Morrison and the RSO released

Grace Morrison is very excited that her music is being played on 7522 Radio.

Listen to Grace Morrison’s 7522 Radio Music Channel (and her newest album).

Harpeth Rising Joins 7522 Beach Mountain Radio


Harpeth Rising chose to name themselves after a river because water is both dynamic and powerful. These words also describe the music created by the three women – Jordan Greenberg (violin, vocals), Rebecca Reed-Lunn (banjo, vocals) and Maria Di Meglio (cello, vocals). Unapologetic genre-benders, they fuse Folk, Newgrass, Rock and Classical into a sound that is organically unique.

Hallmarks of their music include expansive three-part harmonies, consummate musicianship and a deft, yet soulful lyrical perspective. Harpeth Rising’s roots run deep – from their varied ancestry across Eastern Europe to the musical hotbed of the Mid-South they now call home, they weave together ancient and modern ideas, creating a sound that is both familiar and impossible to categorize.

Harpeth Rising is excited to be heard on 7522 Beach Mountain Radio.

Listen to Harpeth Rising music on 7522 Radio.