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5280 A Cappella Releases New Album On 7522 Beach Mountain Radio


5280 A Cappella was formed in 2005. This energetic and ambitious group pooled together its collective experience and talent to perform, write and collaborate as a group. 5280 A Cappella is one of the most varied and unique a cappella groups in this country who is unafraid to take a song, “make it their own,” and to honor its original composer graciously! This mixed octet prides itself on singing from the heart and reaching out to audiences in every performance no matter how large or small the venue.

Named one of the “Top Vocal Groups” in Denver, 5280 A Cappella brings a burst of infectious energy to the stage. They take their audiences on an entertaining journey over the landscape of American music with jaunts through: rock & roll, jazz, country, folk, soul, doo-wop, sixties, eighties, nineties, and pop hits from today. Their unique repertoire entertains audiences of all ages!

5280 A Cappella members have performed both locally and nationally. Locally, they have performed “sold out” concerts at Dazzle Jazz Club, performed the National Anthem at major sports events, sung at numerous fundraisers, private holiday functions as well as for many charities. 5280 A Cappella has performed at most of the Colorado Art and Music festivals. 5280 A Cappella sings at weddings and birthday events, performs private concerts and private holiday concerts upon request. They collaborate with other performing groups’ events and have continued to perform at venues large and small for over 10 years! Champions of the 2012 Rocky Mountain Sing Off, 5280 A Cappella has been delighting Colorado audiences for over a decade!

Listen To The 5280 A Cappella Music Album “elevated” On 7522 Beach Mountain Radio.

Facing West Releases New Album On 7522 Beach Mountain Radio


On 12/13/14 Facing West signed with Pando Records an ADA/Warner Music label. Facing West quickly entered into Rusty Sun Audio studio and began recording their full length label debut album with producer Joshua Bertrand.

Listen To The Long Way Home Album On 7522 Beach Mountain Radio.

The Brummy Brothers Music Can Now Be Heard On 7522 Beach Mountain Radio


Bursting on to the scene mid-2012, The Brummy Brothers’ inspiring rhythms, infectious melodies, and undeniable ability to plow through a set with fiery passion and intensity keep them busy with over 100 shows a year up and down the East Coast.

The New Jersey natives’ original blend of bluegrass, rock, and improvisation forms a sound and energy that allows them to be found playing anywhere from rock clubs, to folk festivals, to farmers markets.  And it’s a good thing, because if one thing is clear, it’s that these guys love to play music.

In May 2014 The Brummy Brothers released their debut album “On Our Way” produced by Tim Carbone of Railroad Earth.  The album allows the band to share the composite of their time together.  The record incorporates harmonizing voices, striking instrumental prowess, and expert arrangement to bring everything together.

Andrew Morris – Guitar, Vocals
Dave Brumberg – Bass, Vocals
Eric Brumberg – Mandolin, Vocals
Russell Gottlieb – Banjo, Vocals

Fans just can’t wait to, “Shake their BRUM!”

The Brummy Brothers Are Excited To Have Their Music Played On 7522 Cape Cod Radio.

Listen To The Brummy Brother’s Music On 7522 Radio.

Katey Laurel Music Can Now Be Heard On 7522 Beach Mountain Radio


The artistic roots of singer-songwriter Katey Laurel are both deep and diverse. Born to free-spirited, nature-loving parents in the early 1980s, she spent the first years of her life traveling coast-to-coast in a Volkswagen bus. When her family eventually made a lifestyle change from the freewheeling hippie life to settling on a ranch adjacent to national forest and 70 square mile wilderness area in rural northwestern Colorado, the isolated environment spurred Katey’s young imagination.  She naturally turned to creative pursuits. A lover of horses from an early age, she began drawing and painting her equine muses, and also began studying piano.

She draws inspiration from many musical styles – from the bluegrass and Appalachian roots records of her family’s early “hippie years” to the classic rock of Stevie Nicks and The Who; from 80s dance-pop cassettes including Debbie Gibson and Paula Abdul to the alternative rock of the 1990s; and from the classical roots of her musical training to the piano-rock of Ben Folds Five. (Throw in a bit of Sarah McLachlan, Over The Rhine and Dixie Chicks for good measure.)

As a teenager, Katey found herself choosing music over art as her true passion and never looked back.  In college, while majoring in French horn performance, she added guitar to her instrumental arsenal and began developing her craft as a singer-songwriter. Rather than courting a record label at the outset, Katey took the DIY approach to her music career from the start, writing and recording her first record with an Mbox in her bedroom (“Nothing to write home about,” she quips), and learning the different aspects of the music business as she went.

Since those early beginnings, Katey has built a solid fan base with her blend of folk and pop, winning or placing in numerous songwriting competitions, garnering radio airplay both in her hometown of Denver and on Triple A stations around the country, landing song placements in film and television, and sharing the stage with the likes of Howie Day, Katie Herzig, Bill Mallonee, Matt Morris, Trevor Hall and others.

Katey has now released her most poignant and accessible work to date with her 2014 album “Periscope”.  Produced by industry veteran Warren Huart (Aerosmith, The Fray, James Blunt), the record is themed around the dichotomy and tension between struggle and hope in which life is lived. Never is this more apparent than in lead single “Hurricane,” which deals with finding the eye of the storm within the struggles of relationships, presented with a solid, radio-friendly hook guaranteed to stay in the listener’s mind long after the song is over.

Katey Laurel Is  Excited To Be On 7522 Beach Mountain Radio.

Listen To Katey Laurel Music On 7522 Radio.