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7522 Radio Will Be Broadcasting Live Cape Cod Music Concerts


Starting in the fall, 7522 Radio will be broadcasting live Cape Cod Music Concerts. Check out the 7522 Radio Programming Guide in the radio channel section for upcoming live Cape Cod Music Concerts.

If you have a Cape Code restaurant, bar, concert, event, etc. that has a band, music group or music artist, contact 7522 Cape Radio as we would be excited to promote and broadcast your music event live from your establishment (no charge associated with your broadcast).

This gives your business, organization or group tremendous free exposure and 7522 Cape Cod Radio is happy to help you out.

Contact 7522 Radio regarding your music concert.

7522 Beach Mountain Radio Now Has 7522 Radio Decals


7522 Cape Cod Radio now has beautiful 7522 Cape Cod Radio Business Decals for all participating Cape Cod Businesses. These decals will be seen on a Cape Cod Business window or door. The decals will help bring the Cape Cod Radio awareness to locals, visitors and other Cape Cod businesses.

7522 Cape Cod Radio is dedicated to bringing you the best music, entertainment, and podcasts from the shores of Cape Cod.b7522 Beach Mountain Radio has live personal, home music concerts by special invitation only, live broadcasts, DJ shows, musician interviews, albums, eps and the best overall enjoyable audio listening. Thanks for stopping by… and don’t forget to sign up for your free membership today for full access to 7522 Cape Cod Radio, Front Row Ticket Concerts and the premium 7522 Radio Podcast Network.

“7522 Cape Cod Radio is very excited to have these new decals for Cape Cod Businesses.”

Visit 7522 Cape Cod Radio.

Land Ho In Orleans, MA Joins 7522 Radio


The Land Ho! in Orleans is a genuine Cape Cod hang out, with a charm and character all its own. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, as intimate as it is lively. Orleans business signs hanging from every available ceiling space, reflecting the Ho’s close connection to the local community. The Murphy family has created a home away from home for locals, summer residents, and newcomers alike!

Land Ho is excited to join 7522 Radio.