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The Flyin’ A’s Join 7522 Beach Mountain Radio


The Flyin’ A’s duo have proven they are one of the most exciting acts emerging from the Texas music scene. With one listen you can tell they were both raised in the fertile land of Texas Songwriting. The Flyin’ A’s perform a powerful mix of original Americana, Country, Southern Blues, and “Texifide” Jazz that is exciting audiences of all ages.

With Stuart’s strong songwriting and aggressive guitar mixed with Hilary’s soulful singing and lilting harmonies, this duo is exciting audiences across the North and Central America. The name The Flyin’ A’s comes from Stuart’s family cattle brand registered in Texas’ Jones County at the turn of the century. The duo exemplifies the strong songwriting, original sound and diverse influences Texas music is famous for.

Their mix of high energy foot stompers and emotion filled songs speak to listeners. Each audience is filled with new friends they hope to meet at the end of every show. The Flyin’ A’s music reflects the sincerity, grit, and soulfulness of two people who have embraced life with both hands. Their performances are both heartfelt and invigorating, and are sure to leave you inspired. The Flyin’ A’s intertwine a fun loving, light hearted whit with heart warming stories behind the songs;it is a thrill to see such wonderful musicianship combine with exceptionally performance skills.

Stuart and Hilary, both voting members of the Grammy Association since 2007, are currently finishing the writing stage for their 3rd album slated for release in Feb. 2014. Their sophomore album Til They Shut It Down has been well received since it’s release in Feb. 2011, selling out 2 runs of the album in 10 months. In addition The Flyin’ A’s are part of a documentary project filmed called FOLK, that has shown in 2013 at The Nashville Film Fest, Bonnorroo Music Festival, New Port Folk Festival, Kerrville Folk Festival, and will soon be headed overseas to film and music festivals across Europe and Asia.

Music is something that has promoted positive change in both Stuart’s and Hilary’s lives. They met by chance at the Kerrville Folk Festival;the two combined forces and have been unstoppable ever since.

The Flyin’ A’s are excited that their music is heard on 7522 Radio.

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Dakota Blonde Joins 7522 Beach Mountain Radio


“Soulful, delicate, powerful, insightful, all that and more,” are the words Michael Johnson (International recording artist/song-writer) uses to describe Dakota Blonde. “Highly addictive & absolutely contagious” is how their loyal & captivated audiences describe them! Any way you put it, Dakota Blonde, made up of Mary Huckins, Don Pinnella & Tony Raddell have certainly played and sung their way into countless hearts &  souls around the globe!  They met through their careers in Music Therapy, working with children and  adolescents who are emotionally troubled.  Therapy,  yes, they have a special knack for including  audiences in their music and finding the heart strings that music plays in all of us.

This special capacity for empathy could explain the titanium bond the band quickly forms with their audiences.  “Wonderful souls on and off the stage!”  Performing originals and covers with their unique blend of heart, humor, authenticity and spirit, Dakota Blonde has had overwhelming success with all of their CD releases! …and they just keep  ’em coming!  The group has received top honors for their song-writing, CD projects and performances across  the country, and even internationally.  You certainly won’t want to miss the opportunity to become a  Blonde-Head!

Dakota Blonde is one of the most unique acoustic sounds around!  Their combination of original tunes and carefully selected covers, along with their endearing stage presence and humor is out of this world!

Their musical sound is hard to classify, but best put, they are acoustic folk, part bluegrass, part acoustic rock, part singer/songwriter, and sometimes even Celtic!  They are a unique blend of heart, authenticity and contagious spirit!  Their acoustic sound is like no other, with such tightly blended harmonies that you would swear they were born to sing together!

You just have to experience a Dakota Blonde show to know what you’ve been missing!

They are excited about their music being heard on 7522 Radio and their previous live concert is available for listening on 7522 Radio.

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Whiskey Treats Join 7522 Beach Mountain Radio


The Whiskey Treats have a rebellious sound with undeniable passion and energy; imagine Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphy’s with redder necks and without the Celtic.

Their debut EP, called “Treat Yourself,” is fast, fun, and best enjoyed with your favorite bottle. Craven Moorehead, host of the long-running Ska-Punk Radio show, describes the Treats as “high energy bluegrass with punk rock swagger.”He compares the music to recent sensation Old Man Markley, and claims it is “perfect for PBR sing-a-longs around a whiskey fueled campfire.”

“Our fans relate to us because we don’t fit into specific mold and neither do they. When people ask what kind of music we play I always say it’s a high-energy infusion of bluegrass, punk, folk, and rock.” When they respond with “What?” I say, “It’s just fun. Relax, get a drink, and hit the dance floor.”

Each band member comes from completely different musical backgrounds; by blending their unique experiences the Whiskey Treats have created a distinctive sound. You can hear the traditional influences in the fiddle, mandolin and upright bass but there is no denying the disruptive and spirited influences of punk rock.

Formed in 2012, The Whiskey Treats strive to elevate the mood of the listener with their music and engaging performance. “We play raucous high-energy shows because we thrive on getting the crowd ramped up, you can just feel the energy of the crowd skyrocket once we take the stage. It’s the kind of music you listen to when you want to go out with your mates, drink pints at the bar and get a little rowdy.”

At a Whiskey Treats show you can expect lively danceable songs and fast on the feet crowd interaction. The band has fun on stage and it is contagious, audiences love the music and connect with them at a primal level. Whiskey Treats shows are a memorable experience for everyone, but the kids might be better off at home.

Whiskey Treats is excited that their music is heard on 7522 Radio.

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Jubliant Bridge Releases Their Newest Album, A Bell A Bird A Star On 7522 Cape Cod Radio & 7522 Colorado Radio.


Jubilant Bridge is proud to announce the release of their new recording,  A Bell A Bird A Star, a collection of songs for the Christmas season. It is very much a listening experience, filled with beautiful songs not often heard except by choral ensembles. But here, the songs are arranged by the duo for two voices, guitar, dulcimer and feature the intricate harmonies and arrangements the duo is known for.

The CD begins with Carol Van Alstine’s original, A Bell A Bird A Star, which she wrote for the project. But when she opened it, she was gifted with another song, My Mother Gave the World to Me, the closing track.
Three original instrumentals, composed by Willie Jaeger, grace the collection: Winterlude, Dancing Foxes Drifting Snow, and Nighthawks Grace the Frozen Moon.

The heart of the CD consists of songs by 20th-century composers, traditional carols in several languages and two Latin pieces. Three songs based on medieval texts grace the recording: Gustav Holst’s Lullay My
Liking, Boris Ord’s Adam Lay Ybounden, and Benjamin Britten’s Balulalow. Personent Hodie and Gaudete, from the 1582 songbook Piae Cantiones, also have medieval origins. Sydney Carter’s Every Star Shall Sing a Carol is a 20th-century song for the earth and the cosmos.

And there are many carols from around the world: the Spanish lullaby, A La Nanita Nana; the beautiful French carol, Quelle Est Cette Odeur Agreable; the Russian, Carol of the Russian Children; the traditional
Appalachian, The World Is Old; and English favorites, The Holly and The Ivy, Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day, and Gloucestershire Wassail.

Jubilant Bridge has five previous recordings. In their last CD, Power Lines, which featured their compelling award-winning original songs as well as their unique take on songs from favorite songwriters,Victory Music Review found “an amazing level of melodic richness and complex songwriting”, the songs “musical and lyrical tapestries that can be surprisingly deep and poetic.”

Carol received a BMI Songwriter Award for the title track, and the duo was a two-time Finalist for Best Group/Duo in the International Acoustic Music Awards for three songs from the CD.

Jubiant Bridge is excited that their music is heard on 7522 Beach Mountain Radio.

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