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Clarke Wright Joins 7522 Beach Mountain Radio


Clarke Wright has been playing music in some form or another since the early 1970s. He worked with David Ferretta and the Sunday River Boys in Denver in the mid ’70s and appears on their Biscuit City recording “You Can Dress ‘Em Up, But You Can’t Take ‘Em Out.” If you ask Clarke how long he has been playing fiddle he will tell you, “Long enough to where you would say, ‘Wow, shouldn’t you be better than that?'” He has spent over 30 years with The Hollywood Rodeo Band and later their pared down acoustic version, High, Wide and Handsome. HRB/HWH recorded 7 albums and has toured extensively, visiting over 40 nations and territories, entertaining our nation’s Armed Forces.

He picked up the fiddle ‘sometime back in the 20th Century’, and is self taught. “When I hit a wrong note or clam-out a break, I just blame my teacher,” Clarke says.

Originally from Minnesota and the son of an Episcopal Priest, Clarke has evolved into “A Heckuva Fiddle Player” (AHFP). Clarke plays mostly fiddle and guitar, but also mandolin and bass sometimes.

He plays 4 and 5-string fiddles and gets his inspiration and is influenced by Byron Berline, Bob Wills, Tommy Jackson, Leon Rausch, Tom Morrell and the Time Warp Tophands, Johnny Gimble, Vassar Clements, Chet Atkins, Randy “Snuffy” Elmore and a whole lot more!

Clarke is extremely excited about joining 7522 Radio and he looks forward to record some podcasts (and play live) very soon.

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Cowboy Brad Fitch Joins 7522 Beach Mountain Radio


Cowboy Brad Fitch specializes in original folk and western music. Brad performs in locations ranging from Massachusetts to Hawaii, including the Red Rocks amphitheater.   People from throughout the world plan their vacations around his concert schedules in Colorado and Arizona.   For more than 10 years, Brad has performed John Denver tribute concerts all across the USA.   These concerts, which feature John Denver’s songs, have set attendance records at their venues. Brad has performed at the annual John Denver memorial concerts in Aspen, Colorado several times.

Raised in Estes Park, Colorado, singer, songwriter and guitarist Brad Fitch has been playing professionally since he was 15 years old. He performs around 300 shows each year at venues throughout the US.  He performed during the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver and has opened for an impressive array of folk and western artists.   He received the Hawaii Music Award in 2009.   Brad has recorded 19 albums featuring his original music that reflects what he loves about nature and the western lifestyle.

Live music creates atmosphere and is a powerful addition to any gathering. Whether providing an acoustic backdrop or the centerpiece, Brad touches the audience and surroundings with his engaging performances.

“The purpose of my music is to have fun and to share that with others”, he says.   “I intend for my songs to express the wonder of being alive on this beautiful planet, and I hope they will help listeners to feel relaxed, comfortable and happy.    If my music takes you to a pleasant place in your heart or your mind, then I have accomplished my purpose.”

Cowboy Brad Fitch is excited about joining 7522 Radio and he looks forward to performing a few Front Row Ticket Concerts on 7522 Radio.

7522 Radio broadcasted 11 Cowboy Brad  (with John Denver Tribute) live concerts this past summer.

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The Flyin’ A’s Join 7522 Beach Mountain Radio


The Flyin’ A’s duo have proven they are one of the most exciting acts emerging from the Texas music scene. With one listen you can tell they were both raised in the fertile land of Texas Songwriting. The Flyin’ A’s perform a powerful mix of original Americana, Country, Southern Blues, and “Texifide” Jazz that is exciting audiences of all ages.

With Stuart’s strong songwriting and aggressive guitar mixed with Hilary’s soulful singing and lilting harmonies, this duo is exciting audiences across the North and Central America. The name The Flyin’ A’s comes from Stuart’s family cattle brand registered in Texas’ Jones County at the turn of the century. The duo exemplifies the strong songwriting, original sound and diverse influences Texas music is famous for.

Their mix of high energy foot stompers and emotion filled songs speak to listeners. Each audience is filled with new friends they hope to meet at the end of every show. The Flyin’ A’s music reflects the sincerity, grit, and soulfulness of two people who have embraced life with both hands. Their performances are both heartfelt and invigorating, and are sure to leave you inspired. The Flyin’ A’s intertwine a fun loving, light hearted whit with heart warming stories behind the songs;it is a thrill to see such wonderful musicianship combine with exceptionally performance skills.

Stuart and Hilary, both voting members of the Grammy Association since 2007, are currently finishing the writing stage for their 3rd album slated for release in Feb. 2014. Their sophomore album Til They Shut It Down has been well received since it’s release in Feb. 2011, selling out 2 runs of the album in 10 months. In addition The Flyin’ A’s are part of a documentary project filmed called FOLK, that has shown in 2013 at The Nashville Film Fest, Bonnorroo Music Festival, New Port Folk Festival, Kerrville Folk Festival, and will soon be headed overseas to film and music festivals across Europe and Asia.

Music is something that has promoted positive change in both Stuart’s and Hilary’s lives. They met by chance at the Kerrville Folk Festival;the two combined forces and have been unstoppable ever since.

The Flyin’ A’s are excited that their music is heard on 7522 Radio.

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Kristi Hoopes Joins 7522 Beach Mountain Radio


With seven years, 30+ awards, and two guitars under her belt, four-time “Songwriter of the Year,” five-time “New Country Female Entertainer of the Year,” and Nashville recording artist Kristi Hoopes is belting out the country music of tomorrow, today.

This past summer, Kristi had the opportunity to record her first album at the historic RCA Studio A (Grand Victor Sound) in Nashville, Tennessee after winning Lyricord’s first songwriting contest. Her new single, “At Least It’s Something” has been released and is currently available for purchase on iTunes and 30+ online music outlets.

Born in Parker, Colorado on Valentine’s Day, 17 year-old Kristi Hoopes found her love for the stage at the age of 2, entertaining her family on top of the family room coffee table. Her passion for country music flourished during her 3rd grade talent show while singing a country-fied version of Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made For Walking.”

That same year, Kristi was recruited by a musical theater troupe, touring nationally and internationally until the group disbanded in 2009. Kristi then decided that she was ready to pursue her career as a country singer-songwriter.

With a pocket full of original songs and a guitar in hand, Kristi began competing with the CCMA’s (Colorado Country Music Association). Kristi’s knockout wins in 2009 and in the years to follow led her to compete in Tennessee and win the international title of Female Entertainer of the Year from NACMAI (North American Country Music Association International) in 2010 and Songwriter of the Year in 2011.

This past summer, Kristi took home a first place win at the Country Showdown (formerly known as the Texaco Country Showdown) for KCRT 92.5, and was one of only six contestants to represent the state of Colorado on the Wynonna & The Big Noise stage at Copper Mountain.

From county fairs to coffee shoppes, Kristi quickly becomes a fan favorite and has left her eclectic country footprint at iconic venues like Cheyenne Frontier Days and the Colorado State Fair. Kristi has been both an opening act for well-known Colorado bands like the Blue Canyon Boys, Fireweed, Barry Ward, and Nashville recording artist Ashley Buchart and a headliner, proving herself to be an accomplished and dynamic emerging artist.

When she’s not tearin’ up a stage or penning a new song, she volunteers her time and talents at charity events and involves herself in local theater productions-both on stage and behind the scenes. Her rigorous AP academic schedule leaves her with little free time, but she makes use of what she gets by riding horses, camping, writing poetry, and hanging out with her friends.

Kristi Hoopes may be a small-town girl, but her voice promises to take her fans on a Mile Hi ride. “I am so thankful to have as many fans behind me as I do. This is a journey and I want my them to be with me every step of the way, wherever the road leads.”

Kristi Hoopes is excited that her music is heard on 7522 Beach Mountain Radio.

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