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Jeffrey Dallet Joins 7522 Beach Mountain Radio


Jeffrey Dallet is kind of a curator, wandering around logging events and stories to formulate his music known as Folk n’ Roll. Located in Denver, Colorado this singer songwriter plays regularly locally as well as in foreign territory. Lyrically driven, this folk n’ roll music looks to permeate the musical realms of today.

A folk n’ roll stroll along the avenues of commentary, chaos, and story telling. Proses and poems set to music to embark on a journey through the labyrinth of the human mind. Influences: Steve Young, Steve Earle, Woody Guthrie, Mr. Zimmerman, Jewel, Joni Mitchell and Bruce Springsteen.

Jeffrey is excited for his music to be heard on 7522 Radio.

Listen to The Jeffrey Dallet 7522 Radio Music Channel.

Madison Malone Joins 7522 Beach Mountain Radio


Born in the wonderful Wisconsin city that matches her name, Madison Malone was immersed into an obsession with music immediately in her childhood. She traces back her love of music since the days of dancing and singing to The Beatles in her backyard of rolling hills.

Madison started learning the piano at the age of 5, writing music at the age of 12, teaching herself guitar at 17 & is an alum of UW-Madison’s co-ed A cappella group, Redefined. She is also a teacher at Madison’s Girls Rock Camp!

The 21 year-old has a unique sound and writing style that has allowed her to create an intrigued fan base & given her the opportunity to play at some outstanding venues.

Madison believes that music is one of those few mediums of which almost all humans can relate. Whether it be rhythm, the sound waves, lyrics, the movements of the musician, or just the brilliance & comfort it produces while being performed, music can connect the world on some sort of common ground.

Madison has a driven passion to use & create music in her community and the world in order to inspire those that she crosses paths with. She wishes to show others that music can be this incredible, spellbinding outlet where we can escape and turn all of our aspirations into reality.

Madison Malone is excited to have her music heard on 7522 Beach Mountain Radio.

Listen To The Madison Malone Music Channel On 7522 Radio.

Harpeth Rising Joins 7522 Beach Mountain Radio


Harpeth Rising chose to name themselves after a river because water is both dynamic and powerful. These words also describe the music created by the three women – Jordan Greenberg (violin, vocals), Rebecca Reed-Lunn (banjo, vocals) and Maria Di Meglio (cello, vocals). Unapologetic genre-benders, they fuse Folk, Newgrass, Rock and Classical into a sound that is organically unique.

Hallmarks of their music include expansive three-part harmonies, consummate musicianship and a deft, yet soulful lyrical perspective. Harpeth Rising’s roots run deep – from their varied ancestry across Eastern Europe to the musical hotbed of the Mid-South they now call home, they weave together ancient and modern ideas, creating a sound that is both familiar and impossible to categorize.

Harpeth Rising is excited to be heard on 7522 Beach Mountain Radio.

Listen to Harpeth Rising music on 7522 Radio.

Peggy Mann, Nashville Recording Artist, Joins 7522 Beach Mountain Radio


Peggy Mann has been performing in Colorado for more than twenty five years in various combinations from a solo act to a six-piece band. She has a tremendously loyal following.   Along with performing in the mountain towns of Colorado, Peggy travels wherever the music takes her to perform which are often private house concerts. This is where her audience really gets to hear the back stories of her songs and connect with her music on a very personal level.

Peggy just completed her 7th CD called “Don’t Waste Time” which was released this summer.  She recorded this record in Nashville with award-winning world renowned producer and singer-songwriter Monty Powell. Monty has penned songs with Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum and Rascal Flatts just to name a few!  He is a Golden Globe nominee and he thinks Peggy’s artistry and song writing is perfectly positioned for where Nashville is headed right now!

Young and old alike, people just plain love the fact that Peggy “Sings t Like It Is”.   She’ll make you laugh, cry and everything in between. When you leave her of her shows you will feel like you know her, but more importantly that she knows you too !

Peggy Mann is excited about joining 7522 Radio and she is eager to give her fans a great “Front Row Ticket Home Concert”.  Look for her performing date on the Front Row Ticket Concert Schedule page (coming soon).

Listen To Peggy Mann’s Podcasts & Music On 7522 Radio.