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Out Late
2009 Diana Di Gioia

Category: Indie

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1. Kiss Me Face
2. Butch Daddy Blues
3. Wiser Years
4. A Woman Is The Only Man For Me
5. Chrissie Hynde Is A Lesbian (in my head)
6. Bring Me BackTo 17
7. I Can See The Daddy In You
8. Drunk On The Moon
9. A Part Of Me Knows I'm Whole
10. The Boy You Loved
11. My Baby's Packin' Blues
12. Skin To Skin

Either/Or World
2012 Diana Di Gioia

Category: Folk

Fan Rating

1. Love Found Us Anyway
2. My Bike And Me
3. Either/Or World
4. Rule The Roost
5. Ptown Pants
6. Long Day
7. Family Scrapbook
8. Little Egypt Road
9. Sweet Obsession
10. Being Real
11. Baby, I Believe That You Do

2018 Diana Di Gioia

Category: Americana

Fan Rating

1. Nevermore
2. I Let My Cool Grow Cold
3. Once Was Not Enough
4. Do Right By Your Mama
5. Everybody's Looking
6. Hold On
7. When We're Dancing
8. Walk Away
9. Every Mother's Daughter
10. Love Blows In

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