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Without A Word
2019 Ambrose

Category: Instrumental

Fan Rating

1. Emotions
2. Day Into Night
3. Everything
4. Deserve
5. Abandon
6. Deep Waters
7. Time To Wish
8. Heaven Only Knows
9. Some Say Love
10. Out Of Nowhere
11. Sunlight In Darkness
12. Good Morning

Day Into Night
2018 Ambrose

Category: Singer/Songwriter

Fan Rating

1. Day Into Night

Sunlight At Midnight
2019 Ambrose

Category: Singer/Songwriter

Fan Rating

1. Sunlight At Midnight

Ambrose Comments:

     1.  For all the people who listen and appreciate my have made my greatest creative dream much more worthwhile from the practical and less ethereal standpoint...I would paint if no one even saw and I would write if no one ever read or listened but I would not be so encouraged or fulfilled as I am now. We often pride ourselves to stand alone and we often have no choice but we are not designed to be islands in an ideal world, anymore than we are meant to never have time alone to reflect on life and what it means. Ambrose

     2.  Just saw you on the new artist's listing as I listen to a lot of music here. I was never an instrumental music listener (especially piano), but I thought I'd give it a try and listen a bit. Got me hooked! Keep up the great work! Jeff

     3.  intense, complex, melodic and transports the listener into another realm. The emotion is evident. This is music written from the heart to reach the heart. Big fan! Buzzsaw

     4.  Your music is absolutely amazing girl. This array of songs are dynamic from start to finish, soulful and energizing...very mesmerizing. Keep writing as I am addicted already. Shannon