Richard Gilbert Joins 752.2 Radio. Listen To His Music On 752.2 Radio.


Richard Gilbert’s songs are image-rich narratives built around insightful lyrics and perfectly placed melodies that reflect on a range of emotions, public and private, making statements you can relate to with messages that touch.

Born in Fort Worth, TX, Richard Gilbert has been playing guitar and writing songs since he was 14 years old. Inspired by the James Taylor’s lyrics and playing style and Al Green’s voice, Gilbert worked for years to channel those eclectic influences into a unique style characterized by unconventional musicality but firmly rooted in folk traditions.

Gilbert has released two full-length albums, 2005’s Can’t Stop the Rain and 2011’s On the Run (hailed by Tom Franks of Folkwords as a collection of “soul-soothing songs that will stand the test of time”), and two EP, 2013’s Faraway Girl and 2015 “I Love The Night” which received a nomination for best music video “The Ghost of Blind Lemon” Awards.

Most recently Gilbert has released “I Love The Night” which received glowing reviews by Tom Franks of Folkwords UK and Lucinda Breeding Denton Record Chronicle. He has continued to expand his music to Oklahoma, New Mexico and Colorado. Playing recently at the Backwoods Music Festival. In 2017 Gilbert was asked to perform at The Wildflower Arts & Music Festival, which had acts such as The B-52’s, Shooter Jennings and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Richard is now reaching out to a larger following. He will be in Colorado on a mini tour.

Richard Gilber is very excited that his music is being played on 752.2 Radio.

Listen to Richard Gilbert’s 752.2 Radio Music Channel.

Christa Deana Has Released Her New Single And Lyric Video For ”If God Doesn’t Want It.” Her Music Can Be Heard On 752.2 Radio.


Philadelphia-based Christian singer-songwriter Christa Deana has released her new single and lyric video for “If God Doesn’t Want It.”
February 26, 2018 – PHILADELPHIA, PA. —

“The songstress sings with a great deal of heart and emotion. Deana is not afraid to showcase her vulnerability on this tune, or any other song that she belts out…She truly gives it her all.”
– Markos Papadatos, Digital Journal

As a young child, Philadelphia-based Christian R&B artist Christa Deana’s lifelong journey in music started when she won first place in the Young Artist Competition for the city of Allentown, PA. Since then, Christa has toured the world with several choirs that took her to Romania, Turkey, France, Spain, England, and all over the US. She signed with MTS Management Group for publicity and promotions in February 2018.

Known for her “Running Music for the Christian Walk,” Christa Deana (pronounced duh-nay) has released her latest single and official lyric video, “If God Doesn’t Want It.” The single is available for download and streaming at all major digital outlets. Watch the lyric video at

Watch Her Newest Video

Christa Deánā (Duh-nay) is a Christian Singer/Songwriter from Philadelphia who sings with conviction and power. Her songs speak to the journey of a woman after God’s own heart. Each song is deeply rooted in a personal, yet extremely vulnerable relationship with God. It’s the beauty and emotion in her voice and the candor in her lyrics that help inspire others to go all the way, every day, with God. Christa Deánā inherited perfect pitch, excellent natural timing, a powerful vocal instrument and a creative soul. But she’s been diligent to cultivate her gifts, obtaining her music education degree from the University of Valley Forge. Not content to simply make her own music, she pulls beautiful music out of her students and collaborators. She is currently a music educator and worship leader at various facilities and churches. She is also the co-owner for ChristaCourt Productions.

Christa Deana is very excited that their music is being played on 7522 Radio.

Listen to Christa Deana on her 752.2 Radio Music Channel.


Nashville-Based Singer-Songwriter Jeremy Parsons Will Perform On The Legendary Radio Station, WSM On March 2nd. Listen To His Music On 752.2 Radio.


Devon O’Day will host the Independent Music Awards nominee on “Nashville Today.”

Born in San Antonio, Texas, Jeremy Parsons grew up soaking in the sounds of Texas music in the dancehalls of the Lone Star State. Over the past decade, Jeremy Parsons has played all over the U.S. and in Europe, including numerous venues in Texas and Nashville, whre he is a regular performer at Swingin’ Doors Saloon. Pulling from the example of Texas performance artists, Jeremy loves to interact with his audience, captivating the crowd with his genuine personality, unique humor, and heart-felt love of his occupation. His current single, “Burn This House Down” is climbing the IndieWorld Country Top 40 chart, and his “Why Is The Bluebird Blue” has been nominated for a prestigious Independent Music Award.

On Friday, March 2nd, 2018 at 5pm CT, Jeremy Parsons will be joining Devon O’Day, host of “Nashville Today” on legendary WSM 650 AM in Nashville. Jeremy will talk about his career and perform songs from his latest album, “Things I Need to Say.”

WSM debuted on Oct. 5, 1925, and less than two months later, the station would birth its most famous show (and the show that would make country music famous), the Grand Ole Opry . The Opry was the first of WSM’s shows to develop such an excited audience that fans would visit live studio broadcasts. That tradition continues today not only with the Opry, but with other signature programming including “An Intimate Evening with Eddie Stubbs”, ” Station Inn Sessions”, and more.

Jeremy Parsons is very excited that his music is being played on 7522 Radio.

Listen to Jeremy Parsons on his 752.2 Radio Music Channel.


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