Kristi Hoopes Joins 7522 Beach Mountain Radio


With seven years, 30+ awards, and two guitars under her belt, four-time “Songwriter of the Year,” five-time “New Country Female Entertainer of the Year,” and Nashville recording artist Kristi Hoopes is belting out the country music of tomorrow, today.

This past summer, Kristi had the opportunity to record her first album at the historic RCA Studio A (Grand Victor Sound) in Nashville, Tennessee after winning Lyricord’s first songwriting contest. Her new single, “At Least It’s Something” has been released and is currently available for purchase on iTunes and 30+ online music outlets.

Born in Parker, Colorado on Valentine’s Day, 17 year-old Kristi Hoopes found her love for the stage at the age of 2, entertaining her family on top of the family room coffee table. Her passion for country music flourished during her 3rd grade talent show while singing a country-fied version of Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made For Walking.”

That same year, Kristi was recruited by a musical theater troupe, touring nationally and internationally until the group disbanded in 2009. Kristi then decided that she was ready to pursue her career as a country singer-songwriter.

With a pocket full of original songs and a guitar in hand, Kristi began competing with the CCMA’s (Colorado Country Music Association). Kristi’s knockout wins in 2009 and in the years to follow led her to compete in Tennessee and win the international title of Female Entertainer of the Year from NACMAI (North American Country Music Association International) in 2010 and Songwriter of the Year in 2011.

This past summer, Kristi took home a first place win at the Country Showdown (formerly known as the Texaco Country Showdown) for KCRT 92.5, and was one of only six contestants to represent the state of Colorado on the Wynonna & The Big Noise stage at Copper Mountain.

From county fairs to coffee shoppes, Kristi quickly becomes a fan favorite and has left her eclectic country footprint at iconic venues like Cheyenne Frontier Days and the Colorado State Fair. Kristi has been both an opening act for well-known Colorado bands like the Blue Canyon Boys, Fireweed, Barry Ward, and Nashville recording artist Ashley Buchart and a headliner, proving herself to be an accomplished and dynamic emerging artist.

When she’s not tearin’ up a stage or penning a new song, she volunteers her time and talents at charity events and involves herself in local theater productions-both on stage and behind the scenes. Her rigorous AP academic schedule leaves her with little free time, but she makes use of what she gets by riding horses, camping, writing poetry, and hanging out with her friends.

Kristi Hoopes may be a small-town girl, but her voice promises to take her fans on a Mile Hi ride. “I am so thankful to have as many fans behind me as I do. This is a journey and I want my them to be with me every step of the way, wherever the road leads.”

Kristi Hoopes is excited that her music is heard on 7522 Beach Mountain Radio.

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Ryan Gooch Nelson And The Motion Joins 7522 Beach Mountain Radio


Self described as ‘rusted-dirt’, Gooch’s music looks toward the future by fusing a number of different genres–including rock, country, blues, and hip hop–into cohesive and moving songs. From the blues to folk to rock to hip hop to country, Gooch does it all. His passion, love and medicinal usages of music and for conveying his thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc. are portrayed via the genre that’s most appropriate.

Just recently, Gooch was signed to a new label founded by 9-time-Grammy-Award-winning producer Joe ‘the Butcher’ Nicolo. His new album ”Comin’ Home” is currently available for download.

Gooch has appeared on stage with The Allman Brothers, Tedeschi-Trucks Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Zac Brown Band and Robert Randolf.

Ryan Nelson is excited that his music is heard on 7522 Radio.

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The Brummy Brothers Music Can Now Be Heard On 7522 Beach Mountain Radio


Bursting on to the scene mid-2012, The Brummy Brothers’ inspiring rhythms, infectious melodies, and undeniable ability to plow through a set with fiery passion and intensity keep them busy with over 100 shows a year up and down the East Coast.

The New Jersey natives’ original blend of bluegrass, rock, and improvisation forms a sound and energy that allows them to be found playing anywhere from rock clubs, to folk festivals, to farmers markets.  And it’s a good thing, because if one thing is clear, it’s that these guys love to play music.

In May 2014 The Brummy Brothers released their debut album “On Our Way” produced by Tim Carbone of Railroad Earth.  The album allows the band to share the composite of their time together.  The record incorporates harmonizing voices, striking instrumental prowess, and expert arrangement to bring everything together.

Andrew Morris – Guitar, Vocals
Dave Brumberg – Bass, Vocals
Eric Brumberg – Mandolin, Vocals
Russell Gottlieb – Banjo, Vocals

Fans just can’t wait to, “Shake their BRUM!”

The Brummy Brothers Are Excited To Have Their Music Played On 7522 Cape Cod Radio.

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Dakota Blonde Joins 7522 Beach Mountain Radio


“Soulful, delicate, powerful, insightful, all that and more,” are the words Michael Johnson (International recording artist/song-writer) uses to describe Dakota Blonde. “Highly addictive & absolutely contagious” is how their loyal & captivated audiences describe them! Any way you put it, Dakota Blonde, made up of Mary Huckins, Don Pinnella & Tony Raddell have certainly played and sung their way into countless hearts &  souls around the globe!  They met through their careers in Music Therapy, working with children and  adolescents who are emotionally troubled.  Therapy,  yes, they have a special knack for including  audiences in their music and finding the heart strings that music plays in all of us.

This special capacity for empathy could explain the titanium bond the band quickly forms with their audiences.  “Wonderful souls on and off the stage!”  Performing originals and covers with their unique blend of heart, humor, authenticity and spirit, Dakota Blonde has had overwhelming success with all of their CD releases! …and they just keep  ’em coming!  The group has received top honors for their song-writing, CD projects and performances across  the country, and even internationally.  You certainly won’t want to miss the opportunity to become a  Blonde-Head!

Dakota Blonde is one of the most unique acoustic sounds around!  Their combination of original tunes and carefully selected covers, along with their endearing stage presence and humor is out of this world!

Their musical sound is hard to classify, but best put, they are acoustic folk, part bluegrass, part acoustic rock, part singer/songwriter, and sometimes even Celtic!  They are a unique blend of heart, authenticity and contagious spirit!  Their acoustic sound is like no other, with such tightly blended harmonies that you would swear they were born to sing together!

You just have to experience a Dakota Blonde show to know what you’ve been missing!

They are excited about their music being heard on 7522 Radio and their previous live concert is available for listening on 7522 Radio.

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