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The Cute Urchins Join 752.2 Radio. Listen To Their Music On 752.2 Radio.


The Band was formed by the end of 2016. The band’s name was invented by Bernie in 1999 when writing ”Soarin’ High” and he was a little bit shocked by his own lyrics that didn’t come out that conform at those times then. ”Soarin’ High” was aired as The Cute Urchins’ debut single on 26th Dec. 2016.

Band members are  Sonja Roxanne Mundt background and harmony vocals, lead vocal, piano Tom Herwig piano, guitar, Background vocals, producer for the band Kosta Panis lead guitar (Fender, Gibson Les Paul) , bouzouki Rolf Gerritzen Bassguitar, guitars, backing vocals
Bernie Klapdor lead vocal, guitar (Fender), rhythm guitars

A drummer as solid component of the band is in advance. Until then the band is supported by helping hands. Some members of the band know each other for decades.

As natives mostly of the lower Rhine area there’s a natural love of music and the influencing music styles differ from member to member. Sonja Roxanne is trending towards Metal, Tom just loves good music like

Classical Masters as well as Rock, Country (Pistol Annies). Kosta is hooked on Carlos Santana as well as Journey or Led Zeppelin. Rolfs is at core with Toto, Bernie’s main influence as songwriter for The Cute Urchins are The Eagles.

Tom and Bernie were playing together in a live band by the early – mid 90’ies when covering The Eagles, Poco, America, Jackson Browne and The Bo Deans. Kosta and Bernie know each other since early childhood. Sonja Roxanne lives in Bernie’s neighborhood for ten years, suddenly he finds out she performs as a main singer in a gospel choir. Rolf was brought in by Kosta. Furthermore there are three drummers who are interested to join the band now.

In late April the debut album titled ”Soarin’ High” will be put to public. Live acts are planned for midsummer time. As far as known the band had been aired several times on Riviera.FM at Torquay in UK. Their singles ”Soarin’ High” and ”Lovin’ Is Like” had been played by more than 100 radio stations on the internet as well as on .FM – stations around the world.

There are no nominations for any award or a featuring at any broadcasting service or TV. Ever since Cute Urchins had begun their way producing had been done by Tom who had studied sound engineering and even was a teacher in that genre. All songs so far were and are written by Bernie.

When it comes to describe the band’s music style Bernie loves to talk about Long-Haired-Country.

Perhaps listeners find out an own band’s style for there are so many different influences brought in by each member.

The Cure Urchins are very excited that their music is being played on 752.2 Radio.

Listen to The Cute Urchins’s 752.2 Radio Music Channel.

Jennifer Stratton Joins 752.2 Radio


An Orleans, MA Cape Cod based singer/songwriter/guitarist, Jennifer performs original blues influenced folk/rock music, as well as many favorite covers, with her band in venues all over the Cape and eastern Massachusetts. She has been writing and performing for 20 years. While studying and working in Papua New Guinea, Israel and Brazil Jennifer wrote and played songs about her life experiences. In Brazil she hooked up with local musicians to form a Latin fusion band that played both American and Brazilian music. Energetic and engaging, Jennifer is a born performer – she also works as a children’s entertainer, a visual artist and an arts therapist.

The band includes a base player, percussionist, and Jennifer’s husband Don Boivin on guitar and back-up vocals (Jennifer and Don also do an acoustic performance that features both of their original music.)

Some of the venues Jennifer has featured in:
– Joe’s Beach Bar, Orleans
– Arts Alive Festival, Falmouth
– Arturo’s, Eastham
– The Mews, Provincetown
– Amazing Things Performing Arts Center, Framingham
– Cafe Arpeggio, New Bedford
– Chapel In The Pines, Eastham
– Viking Princess Cruise Lines, Provincetown
– Kendall’ Cafe, Boston

Jennifer Stratton is very excited that her music is being played on 7522 Radio.

Listen to Jennifer Stratton’s 7522 Radio Music Channel.

Tim Sweeney Joins 752.2 Radio


Cape Cod’s Ukulele Man, Tim Sweeney from Orleans, MA has entertained crowds around the world from New York to Chicago, Paris, Germany, Nova Scotia and beyond with his smooth style and soulful voice.

Tim Sweeney is a polished, passionate virtuoso performer. He is a multi-instrumentalist, whose purchase of a ukulele and a chord chart in the summer of 2003 was a musical life-changing experience. Quickly discovering the compatibility between his voice, the ukulele and the songs of the Great American Songbook, Tim shifted his focus, discovered his passion, and is enjoying an exciting resurgent music career.

In 2008, he was a featured performer at the New York Uke Fest, Chicago’s Windy City Uke Fest and the European Ukulele Festival in Gross-Umstadt, Germany.

In the summer 0f 2009 he performed at both the Paris Uke Fest and the Nerac Uke Fest in France. Then in October at the (1st) Columbia (MD) Ukulele Festival with Dan Scanlan. Then the 3rd International Ukulele Ceilidh in Liverpool, Nova Scotia. Tim was joined onstage by Chalmers Doane and James Hill!!!

A vocalist first, he is a versatile song stylist that can hold his own singing jazz, swing, folk and rock ‘n’ roll. In addition to the marvelous songs of the 1930s and 40s, Tim’s repertoire includes popular standards of the 50s and 60s, and many songs that he has always wanted to sing, which span decades and musical genres. A charismatic performer, he knows how to engage a crowd and has been slowly adding new original material to the set list.

He released his first ukulele CD, ”New Uke State of Mind” in 2007 to excellent reviews. He hopes to have a new CD ready sometime this spring, with new original material that he debuted at the festivals in France and in Nova Scotia.

Tim Sweeney is very excited that his music is being played on 7522 Radio.

Listen to Tim Sweeney’s 7522 Radio Music Channel.

Bruce Walls Releases His First Album ”Glitch Switch” On 752.2 Radio


I was born in New York City and I was raised by my mother Ivette and my stepfather Marcus.  The beginning of the love for the music started with my stepfather, giving that he had love for all the good classics and also played instruments in the house with the intentions of introducing them to me.  By the time I turned 15 years old, he took me to a music store and showed me a whole wall filled from top to bottom with amazing guitars and told me to ‘Pick the one that you want.’  I began to be overwhelmed by the thought that I can go home with any of them.  As I glanced all around them, I made my choice and decided to take home a B.C. Rich Warlock and a Danver amp.  Little did I know that I was walking out the door with destiny in my hands; not only did I create a passion for guitars and other instruments in that moment, but I created an obsession for good music, too.

As years passed by, I moved to Puerto Rico with my parents and so my step-father decided to go back to New York City to work and he would visit every month.  My mother was always working which gave me time to play my own music and write all kinds of songs.  With time I created bands in school and also after school with my other friend.  As I continued my music journey, I met different artists with different visions of music and I began to be more and more open minded to all kinds of genres.

I also got involved with Florida studios and other programs out there and began to manipulate my own sounds and effects.  I made my own electronic EPS.

In conclusion, I believe that the definition of music comes from within yourself, regardless if it is created with your hands on an instrument or if it comes from pressing buttons, switches, nobs or even a mixture of both as long as you feel it in your heart and soul. Music is the sound that our soul makes and our soul in the only real thing that we have as mankind.

Music take time, passion and life experiences to create.  Your past will define what your music will be today and I strongly believe that the public will be inspired by your message by using their perspectives of all the same experiences we all have growing up and surpassing life itself.

Bruce Walls is very excited that his music is being played on 7522 Radio.

Listen to Bruce Wall’s 7522 Radio Music Channel.

752.2 Radio Will Be Broadcasting Live Cape Cod Music Concerts


Starting in the fall, 7522 Radio will be broadcasting live Cape Cod Music Concerts. Check out the 7522 Radio Programming Guide in the radio channel section for upcoming live Cape Cod Music Concerts.

If you have a Cape Code restaurant, bar, concert, event, etc. that has a band, music group or music artist, contact 7522 Cape Radio as we would be excited to promote and broadcast your music event live from your establishment (no charge associated with your broadcast).

This gives your business, organization or group tremendous free exposure and 7522 Cape Cod Radio is happy to help you out.

Contact 7522 Radio regarding your music concert.