Greg Johnson Joins 7522 Radio


Cape Cod has long been known for its pristine beaches, the local surf and art cultures and the live music scene. For three decades, Greg Johnson has been a central part of the Cape’s local color as a Nauset Beach lifeguard legend, professional artist and musician. His James Taylor Tribute Band ‘SHOWER THE PEOPLE’ draws full houses and rave reviews at every show.

Greg comes from a long line of Johnson family artists and has recently made a name for himself as an aquatic artist. He studied art at Ohio Wesleyan and the University of New Hampshire, and is self-taught as a painter. Looking into one of Greg’s large acrylic paintings gives the viewer a feeling of being immersed in the water with the whales and dolphins. For Greg, the aquatic life he paints represents spirituality, peace and freedom.

The inspiration for his work comes from a variety of sources, including his family and aquatic muralist Bob Wyland. Greg also gives motivational credit to the years he has spent at Nauset Beach, where whale and other marine life sightings are an everyday experience.

His work is displayed in galleries, private homes, libraries, banks, coffee shops, and local business offices. Most recently, Greg has opened a gallery and studio in East Orleans.

Greg Johnson is excited that his music is heardĀ onĀ 7522 Radio.

Listen to Greg Johnson’s Music Channel.