752.2 Radio Promotes Music, Artist, Groups & Bands. Submit Your Music.


7522 Radio has been promoting music, artists, groups, band, etc. for the past 4 years.  Starting out in Colorado at an elevation of 7522′, many musicians joined 7522 Radio to have their music played and promoted.  The music business is a very tough profession and any help is appreciated (especially when it is completely free of any costs).  Check out all of the features below.


1. Overview Page: Each musician, band or group will have an overview page created with information, contact information and graphics.

2. Music & Podcast Channel: Each musician, band or group will have their own Music & Podcast Channel with information and graphics.

3. Albums & EPs: Every album & EP supplied to 7522 Radio will be added to their own Music & Podcast Channel (with album cover, album title, track titles, copy right, where to purchase albums, etc.). All album & EP sales and profits are totally controlled by the musicians (CD Baby, Bandcamp, Own Website, etc.). The musician’s albums & eps can also be sold on 7522 Radio through Paypal and all the sales, profits and delivery of your CD’s are controlled by the musicians (optional).

4. Podcasts: Podcast interviews will be recorded by 7522 Radio at a convenient location for the musicians and 7522 Radio (please be patient as we are totally booked up at the moment). The podcast interviews will be edited in a professional recording studio into multiple podcasts and intros and outros will be added to each podcast. Each podcast interview will be added to the musician’s own 7522 Music & Podcast Channel.

5. Prerecorded Music Radio: Each musician, band or group will have their music tracks randomly added into the prerecorded hourly music shows.

6. Prerecorded Podcast Radio: Each musician, band or group will have their music tracks randomly added into the prerecorded hourly podcast shows.

7. Featured Podcast, Featured Album, Featured Music Track: Each musician, band or group is randomly, throughout the year, featured on 7522 Radio & The Podcast Network with their music tracks, albums and podcasts. Your Featured Album, Podcast or Music Track can be posted on the 4 social networks.

8. 7522 Radio Blog: A blog page is written about the musician, band or group (automatically sent out to all the top blog reading services at 2:00pm). The blog page is automatically posted into our multiple Twitter accounts (25,000+ followers). This gives the musicians tremendous marketing exposure.

9. Automation Twitter Posts Of Musician’s Podcasts & Music Tracks: Each day, custom software developed by 7522 Radio automatically, randomly posts a 7522 Music Channel podcasts & music tracks to our multiple Twitter accounts (25,000+ followers). This gives the musicians tremendous marketing exposure.

10. Facebook: 7522 Radio & The Podcast Network is also promoted on our multiple Facebook pages (31,000+ friends).

11. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn: Every musician’s podcasts are interfaced into 4 social networks. With just a click of a mouse, your music podcasts & music tracks can be shared into 4 social networks.

12. Sophisticated Marketing Reports: A sophisticated marketing report is available to see how your listeners are finding your podcasts (social media locations) and also how many listeners are listening to each of your podcasts. Every podcast can be also rated by 7522 Radio members only. A top 12 podcast list is available for 7522 Radio members only.

13: Front Row Ticket Concerts: Every musician, band & group can participate in Front Row Ticket Concerts (see below).

14. Create Your Own Music Channel: Members have the ability to create their own music channel by selecting 4 musicians, bands or groups based on name of group or 4 types of music categories. 4 random individual tracks are played from each group to give the member a hint of what the album(s) are all about. This also eliminates the possibility of always listening to the musician’s album on 7522 Radio and not purchasing the album. This potentially creates additional album sales for the musicians.

15. Fan It & Rate It: 7522 Radio members can become a fan of both your podcast and music channels. You can view who your fans and the rating of each of your albums.

16. Live Concerts: Last year, 55+ live music concerts were broadcast on 7522 Radio to promote musicians, bands and groups. 7522 Radio is trying to extend live broadcast by allowing each musician, band or group to interface into 7522 Radio Live Broadcast software using a mobile device. The software has been developed and is ready to go. 7522 Radio is just determining what the best way of implementation is.

17. Prerecorded Live Concerts: All previous live music concerts can be also listened to on 7522 Radio Prerecorded Music Concerts (if someone missed the concert). All prerecorded live concerts can also be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

18. Join The Team: If you would like to help in any area of 7522 Radio & The Podcast Network (no meetings or real responsibilities – page under the HELP SECTION for team), we will add you to the list.

19. Musicians, Bands & Groups Commitment: In order to participate, at least 1 CD must be supplied (mailed) to 7522 Radio & The Podcast Network with permission to play the music (up to 6 CDs may be supplied). The Musicians, Bands & Groups must try to share on social media their podcasts, etc. to help promote 7522 Radio & The Podcast Network. The Musicians, Bands & Groups must also try to mention 7522 Radio & The Podcast Network website at gigs, to their friends and to other musicians to help increase participation on the website for better exposure for all musicians.