The Acme Tribute Band From Grand Lake, Colorado Joins 752.2 Radio.


The Acme Tribute Band is a three, sometimes a four piece rock/ dance band that calls Grand Lake home. Band members include: Hayden Burke (Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar), Tracey Williams ( Lead vocals, Bass), Michael Weadick ( Drums, Background vocals) and Patrick Weadick ( Keyboards, Bass, Guitar and Background vocals), Dale Williams (Drums)

The Acme Tribute Band performs top ten Dance/ Rock/ Country songs from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and current hits. The Acme Tribute Duo performs listening music with vocal harmonies being the focus.

While the Band is best known for doing covers, The Acme Band is also an accomplished original act. On June 7th 2014 Acme released their new CD titled “ 700 Grand Lake Lane”.
Two tracks “No Satellite” and “The Storm” have already gained early radio airplay, youtube recognition and critical support.

The 2010 release of the bands last CD, “All The Good Stuff” (a compilation) has sold well over 3,000 copies.

Before moving to Grand Lake, Hayden and Tracey both had successful careers in Los Angeles. Hayden Burke has toured and played with Billy Idol, Sam Kinnison and numerous musicians from the Guns N’ Roses boys to Ginger Baker and still owns a rehearsal and recording studio in L.A.

Tracey Williams had a record deal with her band ‘World Wise’ in the 90’s and has toured extensively in the US with popular regional bands.

Both have been playing live, have recorded professionally their entire lives, and are excited about bringing their music to the mountains of Colorado.

The Acme Tribute Band are very excited that their music is being played on 752.2 Radio.

Listen to The Acme Tribute Band 752.2 Radio Music Channel.