1. SHARED FAN BASE: In the music world, all musicians, bands and groups struggle to increase their visibility as well as increase their fan base. By having all the performing musicians announce to their fan base about the FRONT ROW TICKET CONCERTS, it increases the awareness of ALL of the participating musicians, bands and groups. By using the FRONT ROW TICKET CONCERT brand, everyone gets a boost with additional fans. All musician's, bands and groups must promote other FRONT ROW TICKET CONCERTS on social media and at performances as collective marketing is much more powerful than individual marketing.

2. DUAL PERFORMING CONCERTS: Each musician, band and groups can also put together a concert with another musician, band or group who are performing on FRONT ROW TICKET CONCERTS. By doubling up with 2 musicians, bands or groups, the fan base increases and the awareness of both participating musicians, bands and groups increase. Due to the increased cost of a regular concert, this is not possible, while using FRONT ROW TICKET CONCERTS, this is always possible. The combinations are endless and exciting.

3. YOUR COST & YOUR TIME: The musician's, band's or group's cost is just your time and the lasting, marketing benefits are huge. Since the concert is broadcast from your home, there is no setup, dress up, travel time, overnight costs, etc.

4. CONVENIENCE: FRONT ROW TICKET CONCERTS are convenient and easy to do. It is extremely easy to do multiple concerts during the year (when part of the music season is a bit slower for you). Turn your down time into very productive time to grasp new opportunities.

5. MINIMUM TICKET RESERVATIONS: Each musician, band or group can set a minimum number of tickets that must be reserved in advance. There is also a setting of NO MINIMUM. If a minimum is set and the minimum amount of tickets are not reserved (24 hours before the concert is to be held), the concert will be cancelled. This guarantees that you will be listened to by the number of people that meets your requirements.

6. REACH YOUR WHOLE FAN BASE: Some of the musicians, bands or group's fans don't live in their area or they live in towns that are not near the town that the concert is being held in. With FRONT ROW TICKET CONCERTS, all your fans can listen to your Front Row Ticket Concerts.

7. INTERACT WITH YOUR FANS: Play songs requested by your fans and answer questions from your fans during your concerts. During your concert you can monitor the CONCERT BOARD and interact with your concert fans.

8. CONCERT SPONSORS: Concert sponsors make all the concerts possible. Each person attending a concert will see different sponsors on their computer, tablet or mobile device or 5 different sponsor ads can be sold for your concert (the sponsors must be already on the sponsor list and the musician, band or group receives payment for the concert). The 5 sponsor sold ads are sold by the concert performer and are paid to the concert performer (optional).

9. SELL CD ALBUMS: Sell your album(s) during the concert at a special one-time price for attending the concert... and signed, too! (optional).

10. REQUIREMENTS:  The musicians, bands and groups must have a large fan base to perform a FRONT ROW TICKET CONCERT and also be a member of 7522 Radio (with recorded CD's).