1. SPONSOR ADS: A Front Row Ticket Concert Sponsor must already have an ad on 7522 Radio & The Podcast Network to participate.

2. GUARANTEED VISIBILITY: By having all the performing musicians announce to their fan base about the FRONT ROW TICKET CONCERTS, it increases the awareness of ALL of the participating concert sponsors. Collective marketing is much more powerful than individual marketing. By using the FRONT ROW TICKET CONCERT brand, a concert sponsor gets a boost with additional visibility.

3. GUARANTEED CONCERT: Each musician, band or group can set a minimum number of tickets that must be reserved in advance. If a minimum is set and the minimum amount of tickets are not reserved (24 hours before the concert is to be held), the concert will be cancelled. This guarantees that your sponsor ad will be seen to by the number of people that meets your requirements to be cost effective.

4. VERY LOW COST: Your SPONSOR AD COST (for a whole year of concerts) is less than a one day ad in a newspaper or magazine.

5. ADS SEEN AT EVERY CONCERTS: All concert sponsor ads are rotated randomly as each listener sees a different set of 5 ads. So, every concert ad is seen during each and every concert, thus eliminating your ad missing a very large audience attended concert.

5. BUSINESS OVERVIEW: A listener can click on your sponsor thumbnail and a complete business overview will be seen (information, address, map, comments, telephone #, website, photographs and video (if available).