1. FRONT ROW TICKET MUSIC CONCERTS: Front Row Ticket Concerts are ONLY heard on 7522 Radio. An individual musician, band or group band performs for you, a live, personal, concert from the Front Row Event Center directly into your home. The concert is a live, one-time only concert and it is never heard again. So don't miss a single concert.

2. LOGGED IN: You must be LOGGED IN to your Membership Account to listen to a Personal Music Concert.

3. FREE CONCERT TICKETS: You must RESERVE YOUR FREE CONCERT TICKET for each Front Row Ticket Music Concert as there are only a limited number of tickets available for each concert. Log into your membership account and indicate which musicians, bands and groups that you are interested in. When concerts tickets become available for the music you are interest in, you will receive an email so that you won't miss a single concert (and you will be able to reserve a ticket before it is sold out). The reserve tickets link is on the top menu bar under CONCERTS.

4. ATTEND A FRONT ROW TICKET CONCERT: You can log in and enter your ticket number 30 MINUTES BEFORE THE CONCERT and you will be shown to your front row seat. If you come late, you obviously will miss some of the concert, so come early and don't miss a single musical note. The attend concert link is on the top menu bar under CONCERTS.

5. COMMENTS, QUESTIONS & REQUESTS: During the concert, you can SUBMIT YOUR COMMENTS, QUESTIONS & REQUESTS to the musician, band or group (we encourage it) on the concert board. Please be part of the concert and participate. Due to a time constraint, all questions or requests may not be able to be answered. All comments, questions & requests will appear on the CONCERT BOARD during the concert. The POST entry is located right beneath the concert's image. Please be considerate with your posts (like any live concert, if you are a disruption to the concert, you will be tossed out of the concert). See the first image below to learn how to post to the concert board.

7. REPLY: You can reply to any original post (you can't reply to a reply). See the first and second image below to learn how to reply.

8. CLAPPING: During the concert, we encourage CLAPPING. The number of claps will be displayed on the CONCERT BOARD. Please be part of the concert and participate. The CLAP is located right above the CONCERT BOARD. Click the clap image to applaud the music each time you get the urge to applaud.

9. EMAIL NOTIFICATION: You will receive an email 30 minutes before the concert is to begin to remind you to show up.

10. ENJOY YOUR HOME CONCERT FROM ANYWHERE: Sit back, turn up the volume and ENJOY your own private, live one-time only concert to your home brought to you by Front Row Ticket Concerts using your computer, tablet or cell phone.

11. CONCERT SPONSORS: Concert sponsors make all the concerts possible. Each person attending a concert will see different sponsors on their computer, tablet or mobile device.

12. CONCERT CANCELLATION: Each musician, band or group sets a minimum number of tickets that must be reserved in advance. They also can set a NO MINIMUM. If a minimum is set and the minimum amount of tickets are not reserved (24 hours before the concert is to be held), the concert will be cancelled. Thanks for your understanding... so please invite ALL your friends to attend to make sure that the concert will be held as you don't want to be disappointed and the concert performers don't want to be disappointed, too.

13. PURCHASE CD ALBUMS: Purchase albums directly from the musician, band or group at a special one-time price for attending the concert (and signed, too!).