Episode 1
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Cape Cod, MA

Paddling To Billingsgate Island

It was a beautiful day last summer when we paddled our kayaks from Wellfleet Harbor, on Cape Cod, to Great Island where we met some Cape Cod natives who told us a story about a nearby island that is visible only during low tide. The paddle was much more than we expected it to be.

Episode 4
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Estes Park, CO

Butch Cassidy's Character

In his finest story-telling fashion, Dave Logan shares some insights on Butch Cassidy's reputation as a legendary gentleman robber.

Episode 5
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Orleans, MA

How To Get Started Bird Watching

Mike gives some helpful hints on how to get started becoming a birder. It's not as tough as it seems using some of Mike's techniques.

Episode 1
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Wellfleet, MA

Goose Pond Trail - Wellfleet

The Goose Pond Trail is the most popular trail at the Sanctuary. This trail leads you through pine and oak woodlands, by two ponds and a coastal heathland, and along the edges of a salt marsh. Goose Pond itself is a brackish water pond, known for its concentrations of shorebirds and wading birds during the summer and fall.

Episode 7
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Eastham, MA

1869 Schoolhouse Museum

The 1869 Schoolhouse Museum is housed in a one room schoolhouse built in 1869. The original and remaining one of the three schoolhouses consolidated on that site in 1906, it served the town until 1936 when the last pupils moved to a newer building.

Episode 1
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Estes Park, CO

Sweet Beginnings

Val and Rick talk about the sweet and humble beginnings of what many consider to be the finest award-winning pie shop and diner in Colorado.

Episode 5
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Cape Cod, MA

Nauset Marsh Trail - Eastham

The trail winds along the edge of Salt Pond and Nauset Marsh, crosses fields and returns to the Salt Pond Visitor Center through a recovering forest. There are several spectacular vistas along the way.

Episode 1
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Cape Cod, MA

Where To Go Birding On Cape Cod

Cape Cod is one of the premier birding spots on the east coast. Cape Cod has a tremendous assortment of shore birds, song birds, etc. Discover where to go birding on Cape Cod with Mike from the Bird Watcher's General Store.

Episode 2
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Estes Park, CO

The Origins of The 7 Keys - Part 1

Estes Park Archives Historian, John Meissner, begins our journey of the fascinating origins of the Baldpate Inn.