On Air Guide
752.2 Radio Assorted Artist Music Hour.
#Tracks: 18   TIME: 07:38 pm EST #19
Radio Play# 1
752.2 Radio Jingle
Radio Play# 2
Coco Scott
Tk: Falling
Alb: Smolder
Radio Play# 3
Small Dogs Bite
Tk: Whole Lotta Boots
Radio Play# 4
John Vento
Tk: Well Yeah Maybe
Alb: Love, Lust And Other Wreckage
Radio Play# 5
Sounds From Wednesday
Tk: Light
Alb: Do Not Enter
Radio Play# 6
Business Alliance
The Hole in One Donut Shop
Radio Play# 7
Terry Douglas Band
Tk: Tulsa Time
Alb: The Devil You Don't Know
Radio Play# 8
Jubilant Bridge
Tk: British Invasion Medley
Alb: Happenstance
Radio Play# 9
752.2 Radio Jingle
Radio Play# 10
Julianne Cary
Tk: Paper Dolls
Alb: Hung / Over
Radio Play# 11
Madelyn Victoria
Tk: Hold On
Alb: Madelyn Victoria
Radio Play# 12
Business Alliance
The Taffy Shop
Radio Play# 13
Whiskey Treat
Tk: Whiskey In The Morning
Alb: Treat Yourself
Radio Play# 14
I Listen To 752.2 Radio
Radio Play# 15
Darin Jellison
Tk: Get Out of Me
Alb: On A Lark
Radio Play# 16
TJ Leonard
Tk: Takin' You For Granted
Alb: Takin' You For Granted
Radio Play# 17
Shenandoah Thompson
Tk: This Big Head of Mine
Alb: Shenandoah Thompson
Radio Play# 18
Business Alliance
Marconi's Oceanside Gifts
Radio Play# 19
Diana Di Gioia
Tk: Little Egypt Road
Alb: Either/Or World
Radio Play# 20
The Flyin' A's
Tk: I Know I Made A Promise
Alb: Blacktop, Back Roads
Radio Play# 21
752.2 Radio Jingle
Radio Play# 22
Brian Gallagher
Tk: Mistaken
Alb: Gallagher
Radio Play# 23
Jeremy Parsons
Tk: Lisa's Lost
Alb: Things I Need to Say
Radio Play# 24
Business Alliance
Seaberry Surf Gifts
Radio Play# 25
The Pink Cowgirl
Tk: Tombstone Tarnia
Alb: Complicated
Radio Play# 26
Colin Patrick
Tk: One Day
Alb: Last Call
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