Complete Informational Overview.

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Episode 9
Listeners: 1,957
Estes Park, CO

One Book One Valley

Kurtis shares the unifying program, One Book, One Valley, where Estes Park gathers around the reading of one single book as a community, preparing to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Rocky Mountain

Episode 8
Listeners: 2,095
Estes Park, CO

Friends Used Book Sale

Kurtis talks about the Friends Used Book Sale. If you're a book lover, you'll definitely want to mark your calendar for the second weekend in August when you will have the opportunity to bag a bundle of books for a great bargain.

Episode 7
Listeners: 2,104
Estes Park, CO

The Summer Reading Program

Kurtis talks about The Summer Reading Program and the special events that celebrate reading for all ages during the summer months at the Estes Valley Library.

Episode 6
Listeners: 2,116
Estes Park, CO

Our Wonderful World Series

Learn about an exciting series of programs offered at the Estes Valley Library based on the idea of travel and adventure.

Episode 5
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Estes Park, CO

Financial Literacy Month

Kurtis shares a wealth of information about the month of April, Financial Literacy Month and other upcoming special events at the Estes Valley Library.

Episode 4
Listeners: 2,316
Estes Park, CO

Random Acts Of Culture In The Library

A Flash Mob in the library? Kurtis lets us in on a fun new hands-on, educational idea called Random Acts of Culture.

Episode 3
Listeners: 2,180
Estes Park, CO

Book A Librarian

Check out the new Book A Librarian program. It is a very helpful, free resource and service for readers of all ages and interests, businesses and job seekers.

Episode 2
Listeners: 2,077
Estes Park, CO

Library Card Basics

Today Kurtis shares with us Library Card basics and the many interesting things you can take advantage of at the Estes Valley Library if you have one (and everyone can).

Episode 1
Listeners: 2,364
Estes Park, CO

Library History and Overview

Kurtis gives us an overview of the library, it's history and the many interesting programs and services it has to offer.