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Episode 4
Listeners: 1,966
Estes Park, CO

You Need Pie

Rick and Val candidly talk about the power of active voice in marketing to reach hungry customers, and share the humorous story of how they came up with their catchy and effective tagline You Need Pie.

Episode 3
Listeners: 2,500
Estes Park, CO

Making the Perfect Pie Crust

Known for her world-class, mouth-watering pies, Val Thompson shares her secret for making the perfect pie crust.

Episode 2
Listeners: 2,445
Estes Park, CO

Baking Versus Cooking

Rick and Val discuss the difference between baking and cooking. Is it an art or is it a science?

Episode 1
Listeners: 2,537
Estes Park, CO

Sweet Beginnings

Val and Rick talk about the sweet and humble beginnings of what many consider to be the finest award-winning pie shop and diner in Colorado.