Complete Informational Overview.

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Episode 8
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Estes Park, CO

Pursuing the Wealth of the Land - Part 1

Long before Tourism became the backbone of Estes Park's commerce, farming, ranching, logging, and mining were pursuits that drew explorers, adventure-seekers, and even single women to homestead this beautiful area.

Episode 7
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Estes Park, CO

Joel Estes

The journey continues through the museum as Derek shares the story of Kentucky born prospector and frontiersman, Joel Estes, and how he and his family first homesteaded in this valley that now bears his name.

Episode 6
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Estes Park, CO

Tracks In Time - Part 2

The journey continues through Tracks in Time, as Derek talks about the presence of giant bison in Estes Park, and the disappearance of the Ute and Arapaho tribes before the arrival of Joel Estes.

Episode 5
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Estes Park, CO

Tracks in Time - Part 1

Derek begins our journey at the museum with Tracks in Time, featuring the natural history and story of the Estes Park area and the Native American tribes who lived and passed through here.

Episode 4
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Estes Park, CO

Wrangler Bill Robinson (1927-2003)

Master story teller and long-time Estes Park wrangler Bill Robinson sings a favorite campfire song, Ghost Riders in the Sky. A 1975 recoding provided by the YMCA of the Rockies Estes Park Center Lula W. Dorsey Museum.

Episode 3
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Estes Park, CO

Eleanor Hondius

Listen in as Eleanor Estes James Hondius tells the story of her family and the Elkhorn Lodge, the oldest surviving resort in the Estes Valley.

Episode 2
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Estes Park, CO

Lady Isabella Bird

Adventurer Isabella Bird (1831-1904) - Arriving in Estes Park in October of 1873, English author Isabella Bird recounts her interaction with desperado Rocky Mountain Jim. Reading excerpted from A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains.

Episode 1
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Estes Park, CO

Abner Sprague

Partial tour of the Estes Park Museum to learn ''What You Can Do'' at the museum along with a reading excerpted from My Pioneer Life: The Memoirs of Abner E. Sprague as he reminisces on his first visit to Estes Park in 1868.