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Episode 10
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Cape Cod, MA

Twinings Pond Conservation Trail

Twinings Pond has excellent water quality, and otters have occasionally been spotted swimming along its banks. When walking the 1 mile trail visitors will traverse rolling hills containing a few steep sections.

Episode 9
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Cape Cod, MA

Small's Swamp Trail - North Truro

Chosen by Native People for living sites for thousands of years for water, protection, and food sources, early European settlers also sought to make a living on this landscape. Gradually, the soil gave out, farms were abandoned, and the landscape began its slow recovery. The forest here now hides most, but not all, of the former land uses in this area.

Episode 8
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Cape Cod, MA

Pilgrim Spring Trail - North Truro

The hike leads to a site representative of where the Pilgrims drank their first fresh water in New England. This short loop trail winds through the recovering pine and oak forest, and passes a marker which commemorates the Pilgrim's initial exploration of this area.

Episode 7
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Cape Cod, MA

Pamet Trail - North Truro

This trail showcases dramatic geology, rare plants, and breathtaking vistas. From seafaring, to cranberry cultivation, to the tourist business, you will discover how this land sustained the livelihoods of Cape Codders over the centuries.

Episode 6
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Cape Cod, MA

Red Maple Swamp Trail - Eastham

Boardwalk sections of this trail look through the heart of the Red Maple Swamp. The setting is most colorful in the fall. Construction is in progress to repair part of the boardwalk sections.

Episode 5
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Cape Cod, MA

Nauset Marsh Trail - Eastham

The trail winds along the edge of Salt Pond and Nauset Marsh, crosses fields and returns to the Salt Pond Visitor Center through a recovering forest. There are several spectacular vistas along the way.

Episode 4
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Cape Cod, MA

Highlands Center Woods Walk - North Truro

The Highlands Center Woods Walk has its own unique story. Beneath the surface, the Highlands Center has a rich Cold War history. The Highlands Center at Cape Cod National Seashore is the site of the former North Truro Air Force Station, active between 1951 and 1985.

Episode 3
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Cape Cod, MA

Doane Loop Trail - Eastham

The Doane Loop Trail is a paved, wheelchair accessible trail that meanders through the emerging pine-oak forest. It is an easy trail for the whole family.

Episode 2
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Cape Cod, MA

White Cedar Swamp Trail - Wellfleet

This mostly shaded loop, great on a hot day, explores one of the Cape's few remaining stands of Atlantic white cedar. On the trail, you cross a wooden boardwalk through the swamp.

Episode 1
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Cape Cod, MA

Coast Guard Beach Trail - Eastham

The Coast Guard Beach Trail on the National Seashore in Eastham, starting from Doane Rock, is an easy hike for the whole family. You walk through the woods, on the bike path and see many great sights.