Complete Informational Overview.

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Episode 5
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Estes Park, CO

Fall River Lodge

Bob gives us an overview of the incredible Fall River Lodge, a modern day Victorian Castle that you can actually vacation in.

Episode 4
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Estes Park, CO

Gold, Silver And Precious Metals

Bob teaches us about gold and silver and precious metals.

Episode 3
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Preserving Old Coins

Bob continues sharing the fascinating history of currency and coins throughout the ages, and offers some helpful tips and hints for preserving them.

Episode 2
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Estes Park, CO

Currency Throughout The Ages

The tour continues as Bob shares the fascinating history and insights of currency throughout the ages.

Episode 1
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Estes Park, CO

Jewelry, Antiques And Coins

Bob gives us an up close and personal look at some incredibly rare and valuable items, from coins to famous documents to music boxes.