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Episode 3
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The History Of Candle Making

The art of candle making is as old as the need for lights. But the art of true beeswax candle making is a dying trade as like other items, mass production has taken over the arts. You'll really appreciate the art after you've listened to some of the history of candle making.

Episode 2
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How Beeswax Candles Are Made

In the Honey Candle Company's workshop, Agostino plies his craft with the skill and enthusiasm of an old world candlemaker. He designs and builds the molds into which the hot beeswax is poured to create various shapes. Learn how beeswax candles are made.

Episode 1
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Honey Candle Shop Tour

All around the Honey Candle Shop is a lovely fragrance of beeswax from the many shapes, designs and colors of the honey candles. Take a brief tour of the shop to learn about all various candles that you can see.