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The Henry Beston Society

The Beston Society, an all-volunteer organization, has partnered with several other Cape Cod organizations for lectures, performances and exhibits, published literature, working on a documentary film and has a large archival collection of material related to Henry Beston and The Outermost House.

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The Lecture Series And The Film

The Henry Beston Society will provide lecture presentations free of charge to educational institutions, non-profit groups and organizations on Cape Cod. A documentary film about the legacy of Henry Beston and The Outermost House is now in progress.

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Henry Beston Archives

The Henry Beston Society's mission statement states that its goal ''is to honor Henry Beston by stimulating interest in and promoting education about his life, works and philosophy.'' We have a collection of many of Henry Beston's artifacts that you can view.

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Who Is Henry Beston

Henry Beston's 1928 book, The Outermost House, is now considered a classic of American Literature and has a devoted following among its readers. Beston (1888-1968) wrote the book after spending a solitary year in a 20x16 house on the dunes of Eastham on Cape Cod.