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Listeners: 73,965

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Episode 13
Listeners: 3,552
Estes Park, CO

Keepin' It To Himself

Join us for one of my all-time favorite Cowboy Brad originals, deeply profound, we'll just let this one speak for itself.

Episode 12
Listeners: 3,219
Estes Park, CO

Trail Ridge Ride

Cowboy Brad continues his concert with the song Trail Ridge Ride.

Episode 11
Listeners: 5,272
Estes Park, CO


Cowboy Brad begins this season's house concert with the title song from his Rocky Mountain National Park Centennial album Rocky.

Episode 10
Listeners: 5,116
Estes Park, CO

The Year in Review

We have the privilege of visiting with Cowboy Brad in his new mountain home overlooking the Rocky Mountain National Park here in Estes. He welcomes us inside, gives us a recap of 2014, and talks about upcoming concerts the year ahead.

Episode 9
Listeners: 5,521
Estes Park, CO

Horses, Hay and Leather

Cowboy Brad closes the concert with one final song, Horses, Hay, and Leather - dedicated to the faithful Livery Wranglers who take vacationers on horseback rides through Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park.

Episode 8
Listeners: 5,733
Estes Park, CO

The Cowboy Life

Cowboy Brad shares how he got his name and sings a song about the romantic Cowboy Life in all its glory and struggles.

Episode 7
Listeners: 6,645
Estes Park, CO

The Big Thompson Flood

Listen as Brad shares a song and some stories of the Big Thompson Floods of 1976 and 2013.

Episode 6
Listeners: 6,164
Estes Park, CO

How They Did It Back Home

The concert goes a little deeper, taking in, not only the beauty, but the struggles as well, with the natural disasters that have recently taken place in this part of Colorado. Come take a few moments to relax and reflect with Brad's heartfelt song - How They Did It Back Home.

Episode 5
Listeners: 6,884
Estes Park, CO

My Special Place - Trail Ridge

Brad performs another song of the beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park, written by his brother Doug about Trail Ridge Road. Brad also shares a bit about his love and respect for one of his great influences, John Denver.

Episode 4
Listeners: 6,782
Estes Park, CO

Timberline Song

Welcome back to Behind the Music with Cowboy Brad Fitch. We're so glad you've returned, as the house concert at Brad's place continues with a song and story about the Rocky Mountain National Park. You're in for a real treat, so sit back and enjoy.

Episode 3
Listeners: 6,448
Estes Park, CO

My Songs With Cowboy Brad

The fun, laid-back, house concert continues with Cowboy Brad with a song about my songs called My Songs as they just follow me around where I go.

Episode 2
Listeners: 6,344
Estes Park, CO

Take Me Away

The concert continues with the song Take Me Away, that will make you long for home.

Episode 1
Listeners: 6,285
Estes Park, CO

Estes Park Christmas

Brad gives us a cozy house concert in his home in Estes, sharing a little bit about how he got started in music, and sings ''Estes Park Christmas'' written by his good friend Bob Buford.

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